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About the OSR SIG


Be a trusted venue for our members and community in their open source journey and enable them to achieve the highest state of open source maturity.


  • Providing a logical progression of events and activities facilitating FINOS’s members to efficiently achieve Readiness.
  • To help our Members and Community attract the best talent by providing an environment where developers can work on open source projects in a safe and compliant manner where risk is controlled by adequate policies, processes, and tools.
  • Enable contribution to open source projects with legal and commercial consideration.


Please check out the FINOS Calendar for details of the OSR Meetings. We currently run two each month. Everyone is welcome, FINOS members and non-members alike.


There are several people fulfilling leadership roles within OSR, listed below. Their responsibilities are to:

  • Shape and guide OSR strategy and goals
  • Attend monthly meetings to plan and schedule speakers and topics, shape and guide the meeting format
  • Attend monthly workgroup meetings to work on the actual documents together with the OSR participants
  • Participate in monthly planning meetings
  • Jointly lead and organize discussions online and in meetings
  • Contribute to the production of draft documents/deliverables of the SIG
  • Review and manage issues and pull requests on the SIG GitHub
  • Cultivate and grow OSR community, including being active on the mailing list, Slack channels, and other communication media

OSR SIG Chairs

The Open Source Readiness Special Interest Group (OSR SIG) co-chairs are:

Cara Delia

Cara Delia - Red Hat

Cara Delia advocates open source principles and practices by contributing to external open source communities focused on Financial Services and Climate Sustainability at Red Hat. Community leadership includes: FINOS Open Source Readiness Co-Chair, FINOS Technical Steering Committee and Technical Lead and founding charter member for the CNCF Environmental Sustainability technical advisory group (TAG).
Brittany Istenes

Brittany Istenes - Fannie Mae

Brittany Istenes started off her career as an elementary school educator which then led to a path of technology. Brittany has led advisory councils, open source ambassador programs, open source contributions, InnerSource initiatives and all the gray areas in between at scale within large companies. Now at Fannie Mae, Brittany is hopeful to share these best practices for OSS and InnerSource with the teams at Fannie Mae. Her main goal is to create a frictionless developer/centric environment where not only are we creating the best products for our customers, but we are doing so in a way that is better, faster, secure and more innovative within the FinTech world.
Elspeth Minty

Elspeth Minty - RBC

Elspeth has worked in the Financial Industry for more than two decades. Her experience covers everything from developing core Java/C++ libraries to helping teams adopt cloud technologies. She has worked in a number of locations, including London, Shanghai and Montreal where she is now based. In her current role at RBC Capital Markets, Elspeth is helping to improve code re-use and consistent application design. She has been involved in FINOS for a number of years and is currently a member of its Technical Steering Committee, as well as a co-lead of the OpenSource Readiness SIG. Elspeth has presented at conferences, including SpringOne, QCon in London and Shanghai, and InnerSource Commons Gathering.
Peter Smulovics

Peter Smulovics - Morgan Stanley

Peter Smulovics is an Executive Director of Enterprise Application Infrastructure focusing on Microsoft technologies at Morgan Stanley. He is a publicist for IDG and for Architecture Journal; author and co-author of several books and a returning presenter on TechEd, DevDays, Techready, Agile DevCon, TechNet. He is a founder member of AgileAlliance, Architecture Forum, Architect Academy and .NET forum, Technical Lead on several OSS projects like Novell/JBoss’ Hibernate, Apache Velocity and similar. He is Microsoft, Ariba, JBoss, and SiteCore certified and also a trainer on several technologies. Working in IT since 1995, has project experience in different fields (FMCG, public, financial, energy, telecom, pharmaceutical, mobile, music, security). He worked at Compaq as Oracle DBA, worked at Microsoft on C#, .NET, Dynamics, Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server, Office, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, and Azure, and is the main organizer for the FSI Autism Hackathon.

Executive Sponsors

In 2023, FINOS aims to productize Open Source Readiness with new trainings and certification. The following are the FINOS board executive sponsors of this strategy:

Rhyddian Olds

Rhyddian Olds - Citi

Insert bio here
Chris Stevenson

Chris Stevenson - UBS

Insert bio here

Contributing Authors

Rob Moffat

Rob Moffat - FINOS

Rob Moffat is a seasoned IT professional living in the UK. Over the last twenty years, he has worked at many of the top-tier investment banks in London on regulatory and transformation IT projects. Rob is a staunch advocate of Open Source and works on many open source projects, including the FINOS "Spring Bot" project which he built and contributed whilst working at Deutsche Bank. Rob holds a Computer Science degree and an MBA and is the author of Risk-First Software Development.
Jim StClair

Jim StClair - FINOS

Jim St. Clair is a former Executive Director in the Linux Foundation and an expert in the field of global open-source software readiness. With over 25 years of experience in both the public and private sector, he has played a key role in the development and harmonization of global data standards across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial reporting, and identity use cases.
Andrew Aitken

Andrew Aitken - Wipro

Andrew Aitken is the GM and Global Open Source Practice Leader for Wipro Ltd., a premier global systems integrator, and a leading open source strategy consultant. In his 22 years of experience he launched the industry’s first open source strategy consulting firm, Olliance Group (acquired by Black Duck Software), launched the Open Source Think Tank held in Napa, CA and Paris, France - a highly regarded event regularly attended by over 100 top open source thought leaders for over 10 years. Andrew has advised organizations such as the White House Office of CIO, Microsoft and IBM, more than 20 startups and VC firms, and dozens of other enterprises on their open source strategies.
Padmalav Sahoo

Padmalav Sahoo - Wipro

An open source advocate and enthusiast. His major focus areas include Open Source Maturity Model and strategic engagements using open source. Worked extensively in the areas of enterprise application development and digital transformation projects.
Vicki Chung

Vicki Chung - Goldman Sachs

Kay Xiong Pachay

Kay Xiong Pachay - Goldman Sachs

Zack Koppert

Zack Koppert - Github

Zack is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub on the OSPO team, with a focus on Open Source and InnerSource software development. He has a passion for collaborative coding and solving complex technical problems with teams. Zack is also an active member of the Innersource Commons community, where he shares his knowledge and experiences with other like-minded developers.
Phil Holleran

Phil Holleran - Github

Based in Minnesota, Phil serves as the Americas Field CTO for GitHub and is passionate about helping organizations improve their software velocity and adopt open source software and practices. When he's not working to help development teams he can usually be found in the kitchen, playing board games with his kids, or spending time skiing and biking small midwestern hills
Sally Ellard

Sally Ellard - Deutsche Bank

Mark Hoare

Mark Hoare - Deutsche Bank

Pooi Cheong

Pooi Cheong - Lloyds Bank

Aronya Roy

Aronya Roy - Lloyds Bank

William Rothwell

William Rothwell - UBS

Gil Yehuda

Gil Yehuda - U.S. Bank

Rob Underwood

Rob Underwood - tbd

Thomas Steenbergen

Thomas Steenbergen - EPAM

Andy Smith

Andy Smith - DFS

Vincent Edwards

Vincent Edwards - DFS

Chamindra de Silva

Chamindra de Silva - Citi

Vicky Brasseur

Vicky Brasseur - Wipro

Vicky is a previous chair of the OSR SIG and has authored many articles on this site. She is the author of Forge Your Future with Open Source.
James McLeod

James McLeod - FINOS

James is the Director of Community at FINOS and wholeheartedly believes the transformation of Financial Services can only be fulfilled if Open Source is embraced under the three pillars of Contribution, Consumption and Community. He is a previous OSR Team Lead and has contributed to many articles and discussions on Open Source Readiness at FINOS.